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Let`s come and find out about the potential and land prices in Takhmao

Summary:After Phnom Penh has been developing the real estate sector, it is now expanding to reach the Takhmao area, which has been booming, with a lot of construction activities.Let`s come and find out about the potential and land prices in Takhmao's dd


Currently, in the territory of Takhmao, about 10 Borey are being built and some are completed. Apart from the town of Takhmao, there are also commercial centers, condominiums and apartments, which are also driving the land price increase in this area.

    Chek Soknim, CEO of Century21 Mekong, who has just been nominated for the sixth mandate of the Association of Realtors and Real Estate Agents, revealed on the afternoon of December 28 that currently, real estate in Takhmao, including construction and land prices, Is particularly strong, especially in the commercial center and residential area Again.

    "Takhmao, in the south of Phnom Penh, is a very good place to develop in all aspects, especially in real estate," he said, adding that because Phnom Penh was full of large buildings As a major trade hub, it is urging demographic factors to turn to the neighboring region so broadly that it ".

    For example, in the present, many residential buildings as well as residential areas have been and will continue to be developed as a result of construction of condominiums and condos.


    Due to these requirements and has encouraged the land price in the Takhmao area to rise sharply, such as in the trade area, land prices may rise from $ 800-1300 per square meter or more for some special areas Small. Particularly for the price of land in residential areas, the housing may be 250-400 per square meter. For the price of land as shown above, it is the current market price, compared to last year's average growth of 10 to 15%, and it will continue to grow. Going up further this coming year.

    Meanwhile, Chong Soknim added that in the next five years, Takhmao City as a whole will become a popular area for Phnom Penh, because Takhmao is particularly favorable. In addition to good geographical location, Phnom Penh will be easy to travel, not less than 15 minutes away from Takhmao town. Boulevard PM (60 meters), as well as demographic growth and are easy to move to the provinces as well.

    Dr. Van Wat, Deputy Director of the Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, said that because of the increasing number of demographics and the development of many villages, four communes around The city was cut into the Takhmao Administration, adding that the introduction would improve the base. People who are living in this base will have a better life, because there is better infrastructure provision and a clear development plan.

    "The main layout of Takhmao land has been approved by the government, so it will make Takhmao develop further and the price of land will also increase," he said.

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